Where to find water in nature

At the mountain

In case you venture into the mountains, consider digging the side parts of even dry streams using a stick or a solid stone to reach drinking ground water. During winter periods, you can also think of melting snow either by exposing it to the sun or by putting it on fire. Just use a sturdy container and let the water cool before drinking.

To the beach

However, you cannot drink sea water because it is too salty and can be very harmful to your kidney health, but you can still find fresh water on the beach. Move about 30 m away from the sand reached by the waves and dig, you will certainly find water although brackish but still drinkable and can hydrate your body well.

In the rocks

The different types of rocks are very useful to guide your search for water in nature.

If you see limestone, you are likely to find seeps and hidden springs in it as water pulverizes this kind of rock very easily.

Ancient lava flows consist of highly porous igneous rocks that absorb and hold water.

If you find green plants growing in granite, you just have to dig around them and you will certainly find fresh water since they also need it to survive.

The presence of dry canyon and sandstone is a sign of the existence of water seeps.

muddy soils

Generally, it is in this kind of soft soil that you are more likely to find drinking water more easily without having to dig deep, but before digging, you must first choose the place that will shows signs of existence of water like green places, plains, low forests

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