Water required for survival

The human body can survive for ten days without water intake provided it is inactive and the ambient temperature does not exceed 10°C. It can last for a week in an environment with a temperature of 32°C but will not exceed 2 days before wilting without water if the temperature reaches 50°C.

To survive in nature, it will be essential for you to supply yourself with drinking water to avoid dehydrating your body.

The fact that you are not thirsty does not in any way mean that your body does not need water. It is therefore necessary to drink regularly the quantity of water necessary for the hydration of your body according to the climate, the temperature and your physical activity.

In the event that you are in a survival situation, the first thing you will need to ensure is the presence of drinking and accessible water near you.

Diseases related to polluted water

Certainly, you could not survive long without water, nevertheless, never drink polluted water because if you do, you risk catching a dangerous disease that will cost you your life.

Dysentery : a disease manifested by bloody and prolonged diarrhea followed by weakness and loss of all energy.

In case you are affected by such diarrhea; try eating boiled rice or drinking boiled water, boiled bark juice or small amounts of coconut milk. This can relieve you of the time that you have access to good sanitary conditions.

cholera and youyphoid: a gastrointestinal infection accompanied by acute diarrhea caused by water contamination. If you plan to venture into nature, consider taking vaccines against cholera and youyphoid and avoid drinking contaminated water.

Water pit : parasites that reproduce rapidly in polluted and stagnant waters, especially in the tropics. It causes dangerous diseases that can be fatal. These worms do not enter the body only through the digestive tract but also through the epidermis. To protect yourself from these parasites, do not think about swimming in polluted water or even walking on or touching it.

Leeches: They are very common, particularly in African regions. The latter are not very dangerous for the human body, but they can cling to the walls of the nose and suck its blood and thus cause discomfort.

In the event that you swallow a leech, sniff high concentration salt water or try to pull it out through your nose using forceps.

Purify water in nature

In case you will not find drinking water despite the attempts, you will only have to try to purify the polluted water using simple and natural methods.

polluted water

If you really risk dying from dehydration, you can try drinking the water, even if stagnant and polluted, but before boiling it, boil it for a few minutes to purify it. To remove the bad smell, consider adding charcoal to it and let it sit for about an hour before drinking it.

muddy water

There are several methods to purify muddy water, for example you can try to find yourself a long bamboo stick that you will fill with sand and stuff the end with grass. Let the muddy water flow over this stick and it will come out pure. You can also use a cloth filled with sand or simply let this water sit in a container overnight before consuming it.

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