Unusual activities in the mountains for your family winter holidays

To offer ever more fun to holidaymakers, winter resorts in France offer many unusual activities in the mountains for those who want a change from skiing but still with strong sensations. Discover these activities for your holidays in French resorts, fun guaranteed!


the Snooc allows you to travel the mountain trails with family or friends, whether you are skiers or non-skiers. The oldest person to have done Snooc to date is 95 years old and the youngest 6 years old. You should be in this age range! To climb, you put on the bindings like on a snowshoe. At the top, 5 minutes of transformation and you get a sled as easy to handle and precise as skis. To learn to fully master the SNOOC, follow the tutorial videos carefully and allow 15 minutes of learning. SNOOC is also allowed on the slopes with skiers from over 80 resorts. Find routes and stations that accept it on the SNOOC website

Fatbike mountain biking on snow

Armel VRAC during

If mountain biking is all the rage on the slopes in summer, know that this activity is also possible in winter. Something to surprise everyone during your stay in the mountains! Notched tires, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and other protections, you are equipped to hit the slopes on a mountain bike.

Unlike in summer, it is advisable to go mountain biking or FAT BIKE on snow in the early evening when the slopes close for more freedom. However, resorts like Les Menuires have created a special track accessible during the day for mountain biking.

You’ll love defying the laws of balance to hold your bike, leaning on the pedals to cushion slips and take turns.

The Snowscooter

Invented by a Frenchman around the 90s, the snow scooter is a hybrid machine between bike and snowboard. Almost all French winter resorts have authorized the snowscoot on part of their ski areas.

To get an idea of ​​what it is look at the image below.

You will be able to find all the sensations of cycling and snowboarding on the slopes in winter. In addition, the snowscoot is very easy to learn even for those who have not yet practiced skiing or snowboarding. Half a day will be enough for you to master your machine.

The Yooner

Inspired by paret, the Yooner is a new concept of hybrid sliding, halfway between sledding and skiing. With a seat 20 cm from the ground, a pad and a shock absorber, the yooner is comfortable, light and easy to handle. You don’t need to learn to master your descents and carve curves like in skiing.
The Yooner is generally practiced on the track, in the evening, when the tracks begin to empty. You will be able to enjoy the glide quietly. Most winter resorts in France offer to rent this machine so treat yourself!

Ice diving

Diving under the ice

Photo credit: http://www.lac-du-bourget.fr

For the more adventurous, looking for strong sensations, why not test the ice diving. After you are equipped with your “winter” combination, you are off to slide in the water of a frozen mountain lake. You will of course be accompanied by professionals who will make you discover the silent and magical atmosphere of the depths.

And you, what are your unusual activities in the mountains?

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