Top 10 party campsites in Italy

Fancy a crazy holiday with friends at the campsite in Italy ? We offer you our top 10 of the best starred campsites where to party in Italy. From Rome to Capri, via Florence, Venice or Verona, we’re heading to Italy for a festive summer near major cities, always at the best price!

The Fabulous Village campsite ***

Fabulous Village ***

Want to go on a trip and discover Rome ? We recommend the Fabulous Village campsite *** ! This campsite offers many entertainments and activities, and also has not one swimming pool, but many. The campsite located not far from the city of Rome, the city that moves the most in Italy. The best spritzes are yours for an aperitivo on the terrace, and the best nightclubs, for a memorable holiday with friends!

A photo of the swimming pool at the Camping Village Roma Capitol **** campsite, surrounded by umbrella pines under a blue sky with a few clouds and the sun
Campsite Village Roma Capitol ****

Campsite Village Roma Capitol ****

In the outskirts of Romewe offer you this time the campsite Roma Capitol Village ****. This campsite has everything of a great, thanks to its top-of-the-range services as well as its swimming pool. You can explore Rome and its region, day and night. And if you like adrenaline, the campsite is located near the amusement park Rainbow Magic Land : sensations guaranteed for an unforgettable trip to Italy!

A photo taken from an aerial view of the Villagio Campeggio Santa Fortunata **** campsite, with a view of the Mediterranean and parasols with deckchairs
The Villaggio Campeggio Santa Fortunata **** campsite

Villaggio Campeggio Santa Fortunata ****

Head south for a summer under the sign of celebration and travel, at the campsite Villaggio Campeggio Santa Fortunata ****. Located in the bay of Naples at the edge of the water, in front of capri, this is the ideal campsite for partying under the Italian sun! On the island of Capri, many clubs and bars are very famous and you can even meet celebrities from all over the world. In addition, you can enjoy the Italian sun and an exceptional panorama on the terrace. A great campsite for a festive stay and to discover this beautiful region of southern Italy!

A photo of the Holiday Village Camping Nettuno **** campsite with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and boats
The Holiday Village Camping Nettuno **** campsite

Holiday Village Camping Nettuno ****

Still in southern Italy, the campsite Holiday Village Camping Nettuno **** is the ideal place for a stay with friends at the best price! With its access to the beach and its proximity to capri, you can party very easily on the island! Between bars and nightclubs, you will inevitably find your happiness towards the Piazzetta (very lively square of Capri). Capri is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, you will love your stay with friends there!

A photo of the swimming pool at the Hu Norcenni Girasole Village campsite, with children and adults swimming, deckchairs and parasols, and a view of the surrounding vegetation.
Hu Norcenni Girasole Village campsite ***

Hu Norcenni Girasole Village ***

A little further north in Italy and more precisely in Tuscany, the campsite Hu Norcenni Girasole Village *** is the ideal place for a holiday with friends! Located not far from Florence and of His, you can discover these two cities, day and night. The campsite also offers many activities and evenings for everyone. Finally, it has all the necessary infrastructure as well as a large swimming pool. What to spend an unforgettable stay in Tuscanywith your friends or as a family with children!

A photo of the beach of the Sabbiadoro *** campsite, with many deckchairs and parasols, and a view of the Mediterranean Sea, all under a big blue sky.
The Sabbiadoro campsite ***

Campsite Sabbiadoro ***

Even further north of Italy, we invite you to discover Venice and its nightlife with the campsite Sabbiadoro *** ! The campsite also offers activities as well as lots of entertainment and puts forward concerts and festivals on the beach for all ages: perfect if you want to get in the mood for crazy nights in Italy. Don’t hesitate to quickly book your place for the festivals, they are very successful!

An aerial photo of the Miramare Camping Village **** campsite, with a view of the swimming pool, pitches and accommodation, as well as the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.
The Miramare Camping Village **** campsite

Miramare Camping Village ****

Still in the north of Italy, near Venice, the Miramare Camping Village **** campsite is the ideal place for a festive stay with friends! The campsite organizes many festive evenings as well as concerts. You can also enjoy the nightlife of Venice, which is just opposite in the lagoon. We recommend the Campo Santa Margheritawhich is home to many cheap bars, perfect for students for nights you will remember for a long time!

A photo of the swimming pool at the Village Mare Pineta **** campsite, with people bathing or sunbathing on deckchairs, as well as a view of the surrounding vegetation and mobile homes.
The Village Mare Pineta campsite ****

Camping Village Mare Pineta ****

To the east of Venice and not far from the town of Trieste is the Camping Village Mare Pineta ****. This 4-star campsite offers many activities and entertainment, and has an ideal location for exploring the town of Trieste. If you want to go out in a club or enjoy the terrace of a bar, you will be delighted since the choice is vast in the city. A must for holidays in Italy, always at the best price!

A photo of the Residence Punta Spin **** campsite and its restaurant bar, with the beach and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.
The Residence Punta Spin campsite ****

Residence Punta Spin ****

Not far from the town of Triestecamping Residence Punta Spin **** has all the comfort you can dream of for a holiday with friends. In addition, he organizes crazy pool parties as well as shows! It is the ideal campsite in Italy, for partygoers of all ages as well as for families with children, thanks to the many entertainment and activities it offers.

A photo of the Bella Italia ***** campsite in an aerial view, with a view of the campsite, its swimming pool and the Italian massif and Lake Garda in the background.
The Bella Italia ***** campsite

Campsite Bella Italia *****

Finally, we end our overview of campsites where to party in Italy, with the Campsite Bella Italia *****. Located near the town of Veronaat the edge of lake garda, this campsite offers many shows and themed evenings. To discover Verona at night and party there, we recommend the Pizza delle Erbe, THE busiest square in the whole city. All the trendiest bars and the hottest clubs are waiting for you, there is something for all tastes and all prices. Of course, the campsite offers all the necessary comfort for a great stay.

So, ready to go on a trip to party this summer in Italy at the best price ? Find all the information on these starred campsites directly on the site of Campsite Direct, you can book directly online! And don’t forget to tell us in the comments which campsites appeal to you the most.

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