The Quick and Simple Way to Sharpen Your Knife Without Tools

Here you are in the middle of nature or in your kitchen with your knife the dull blade. Impossible to cut anything.

And you absolutely must use your knife. But you don’t have what sharpen it… Well, that’s what you think!

In this guide I will show you how sharpen your knife without tools. And with only everyday objects that we all have on hand.

A knife with a sharp blade is not just a knife that cuts easier. A sharp knife will also allow finer cut of your food.

You are also less likely to injure yourself. As the blade easily cuts your food you do not need to force. And so you protect yourself from the risk of slippage.

For all these reasons sharpening your knife is important. So let’s see how to do that tool freewith only everyday objects.

How to sharpen your knife without tools

Sharpen a knife

You should know that even without sharpeners, knife sharpeners, you can still do wonders with everyday objects. But there is still some rules to follow to do so safely and effectively.

Before sharpening our knife we ​​must know which is the right one sharpening angle. According This article, the correct sharpening angle is 20 degrees. This is a good number that will be perfect for the majority of your knives.

And it is also advise to change the sharpening angle depending on your use. The more you use your knife, the greater the sharpening angle should be. To provide a sharp blade and prevent it from dulling too quickly.

When you sharpen a knife take your time. Do not rush the blade, slide it at the correct speed on each side. Especially when you sharpen your knife with the objects that I am going to present to you which are, in the first place, not made for that.

Ready ? So let’s go !

Sharpen With a Bowl, Mug or Plate

This trick is pretty well known. But it works perfectly, it’s impressive. In addition, we all have at least one of these 3 elements in our kitchen. This makes it a perfect method, within everyone’s reach.

Bring a bowl, a cup or a porcelain plate. Go back there. Then go gently around the edges while thinking about the sharpening angle. Do 6 round trips and you have your sharp blade.

Admittedly, this method may not be possible if you are in a survival situation in the wild. But for everyday life or if you are in your AfDB This is the quickest and easiest solution I know of.

Sharpen Your Knife With Your Vehicle

Here a rather original method I grant you. At home or in a survival situation with your survival vehicle you can do this technique. All you need is a vehicle with a folding, lowering window. What you find on all cars and vans.

This is a great way to sharpen your knife without tools if you’re in a wilderness survival situation with just your vehicle.

First roll down the window of your vehicle. Take your knife and sharpen it on the upper end of the glass. Pay attention to the sharpening angle though 20-25 degrees should suffice. Go slowly and go back and forth several times, changing sides of the knife blade.

I am always amazed by the effectiveness of this so… special method. Honestly sharpening my knife with my car window is the last thing I would think about. And yet the blade will be so sharp that you can shave with!

Sharpening a Blade with a Nail File

It is true that this method is less impressive than that of the glass but it works perfectly. In addition the nail file can be a perfect Urban EDC. Indeed, you can always bring a small nail file with you. It fits easily in a bag and doesn’t take up much space. And besides, it’s really cheap.

To sharpen a knife, I recommend cardboard files, those that have a red edge. It’s really the basic model and it doesn’t cost much. Then it’s like the other methods, tilt your knife and go back and forth several times.

Note that it will surely be necessary to pass more time to sharpen the blade with this method.

Sharpen Your Knife With A Stone

This is the perfect method for Bushcraft. If you are in a survival situation in the forest or in an urban environment, you will inevitably be able to find a stone to sharpen your knife.

For this technique I recommend that you take a stone from the river. And the smoothest preferably. Normally with the water and the current of the river most of the stones should be naturally smoothed.

Then all you have to do is sharpen your knife on it. Keep your sharpening angle well and make slide without forcing on the stone.

Sharpen Your Knife With What You Have At Hand

In an extreme survival situation, we may not have access to the methods mentioned above. For this method you will need either a leather belt or a survival backpack or a basic.

If you have a leather belt just stretch it well and gently run the knife over it. And not to damage or even cut the leather. A few round trips and your blade should regain strength.

If you don’t have a belt, you probably still have your backpack. You can sharpen your knife with the straps of your bag. Indeed, all you have to do is stretch a strap from your bag and run your knife over it.

But be careful not to cut your strap, do not take too large a sharpening angle. Because if you cut your strap, you will carry around an unbalanced bag on your back. And this increases the risk of back or shoulder pain.

Closing | Sharpening without tools is possible

Conclusion Sharpening Without Tools Is Possible

If you often cook at home or regularly need your knife at home, it is still worth investing in a sharpener. Because imagine you can only do the car window method. Every time you want to sharpen your knife you have to go out…

Nevertheless, in an emergency or survival situation know sharpen a knife without tools makes sense. Don’t clutter your Bug Out Bag with a sharpener that weighs and takes up space. It’s much smarter to learn how to sharpen a knife with what you have at hand.

There are still a few methods to sharpen your knife but these are, in my opinion, the easiest and accessible to all.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your feedback.

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