The most beautiful travel quotes to meditate on before leaving

here are travel quotes to meditate before going on an adventure

To stay is to exist. To travel is to live. » Quote from Gustave NADAUD
» The true traveler does not know where he is going? » Proverb CHINESE
The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he came to see! » Quote from Gilbert KEITH CHESTERTON
We never go so far as when we don’t know where we are going. » Quote from Christopher Colombus
To travel is to set out to discover the other. And the first stranger to discover is you. » Quote from Oliver FÖLLMI
“We are not taking a trip. Travel makes us and unmakes us, it invents us. » Quote from David LE BRETON
Who has not left his country is full of prejudices. » Quote from Carlo GOLDONI
The world is a book and those who travel only read one page. » Quote from SAINT AUGUSTIN
” Nothing develops intelligence like travel. » Quote from Emile Zola
“The traveler is the one who takes the time to meet and exchange. » Quote from Frederic LECLOUX
» Against the sorrows of life, isn’t travel the best remedy? » Quote from Michael TOURNIER
» When nothing is planned, everything is possible…. » Quote from Antoine DE MAXIMY
“To travel is to grow. This is the great adventure. The one that leaves traces in the soul. » Quote from Marc THIERCELIN
We travel to change not places, but ideas. » Quote from Hippolyte TAINE
Life isn’t just about breathing, it’s also about taking your breath away. » Quote fromAlfred Hitchcock
» The real trip is not to seek new landscapes but a new look. » Quote from Marcel Proust
Better to travel with hope than to arrive at the goal, says Japanese wisdom. » Quote from Paul WATZLAWICK
The greatest traveler is not the one who has traveled around the world 10 times, but the one who has circumnavigated himself once. » Quote from GHANDI

The most beautiful travel quotes

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