The Adventurer’s Bag – Surviving the Wild

What criteria should you use to choose your adventurer’s bag?

The Adventurer’s Bag is one of the most important elements in survival. Indeed, it is at the level of the latter that we store certain foods and put there the tools necessary for our survival. For the latter to be able to fulfill its mission, it is necessary to choose it carefully, and that is why we have defined the criteria that will allow you to choose The Adventurer’s Bag that suits you. These points are:

  • Its weight and height;
  • The quality of its zipper;
  • The presence of a large number of pockets;
  • Padded straps;
  • The tightness of the bag.

His weight and height

Indeed, a good survival bag must be large enough to contain all the things you plan to take with you and its weight must also be correct so that you can carry it for long hours of walking or several days of survival. In general, good survival bags have a capacity between 50 liters and 70 liters. However, it is quite possible to find those of 90 liters, which remain very practical for survival during long periods.

The quality of its zipper

A good survival bag has a good quality zipper that doesn’t get stuck or slip easily when you are going to close your bag. We must not forget that when we are in survival, it is possible that we find ourselves in situations where we must take certain tools from our survival bag and act quickly. A bad zipper can easily waste your time in these kinds of situations.

The presence of a large number of pockets

A survival bag does not and should not look like an ordinary backpack since it is supposed to be large enough to contain all the necessary equipment for your survival, and what better than to have several pockets or several compartments of storage to put everything there without some elements mixing with others?

The padded straps

This is an important criterion since a survival bag is worn almost all the time, the choice of a survival bag with padded straps is therefore not debatable since these will help you not have pain in your shoulders, especially if you plan to do long hours of walking.

The tightness of the bag

Indeed, a good survival bag must be waterproof so as not to let the rain get inside. Don’t hesitate to compare the outer bags of the different survival bags, especially if you plan to go to a very humid place or where there is heavy rain.

What should the adventurer’s bag contain?

Now that you know the criteria for choosing the right adventurer’s bag, let’s move on to its content. Indeed, you are aware that an adventurer’s bag is supposed to contain all the essential elements allowing you to survive for a specific period of time. It must therefore contain:

  • Carry water;
  • Withstand the cold and drops in temperature;
  • Take shelter;
  • Eat ;
  • Report that we are in danger;
  • Take care;
  • Defend yourself in case of danger.

carry water

It is important to specify that a survival bag can only contain a maximum of 3 liters of drinking water. To do this, you will need to equip yourself with a filter straw, water purification tablets or even a waterproof gourd which can also be made of metal (also having the advantage of facilitating the boiling of water) . Also be aware that a survival bag has flexible pockets that allow the storage as well as the transport of this water from one point to another.

Withstand cold and temperature drops

Survival requires in particular a good ability to adapt to the different climatic changes of the region in which you are. It is therefore essential to take survival blankets in your survival bag. In addition to this, warm clothes such as sweaters, windbreakers or heaters are also to be expected.

take shelter

Among the most important elements to plan for during a survival is the place where you plan to spend your nights or rest. Your survival bag should therefore also contain a survival tent or a large tarp of about 2 meters by 3 meters. Note that these will also provide you with shelter and protect you from the cold of the night.


Obviously, a survival bag must contain a minimum of survival rations in addition to the necessary equipment allowing you to guarantee it. In this case, your survival bag must contain in particular:

  • Hunting and/or fishing equipment (knives, hooks, nylon threads);
  • A guide to the different edible plants and/or mushrooms in the region;
  • Energy bars or other rations dedicated to this.

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