The 10 most popular studios

With the many yoga studios found in Bali, this island has become a paradise for practitioners of this discipline. Enthusiasts can take classes at schools and participate in yoga retreats of various styles. These can be hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, Lyengar, nidra, kundalini or vinyasa. Apart from being well equipped and affordable, some studios even offer an excellent view,…. perfect for yoga practice. Discover in this article the 10 best yoga studios in and around Bali.

Yoga Studios in Ubud

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn is one of the largest yoga studios in Bali. This is where you can also see the most famous yogi in the whole world, the verdant yoga oasis. The Yoga Barn isn’t just a studio, that’s putting it mildly. Beyond the 7 yoga studios found on site, there is also an Ayurvedic spa, accommodations and cafes.

Yoga studio. Photo credit: The Yoga Barn

It is a beautiful place ideal for the practice of yoga and relaxation, in a peaceful and inclusive atmosphere. In addition to group yoga classes, you can take about twenty varied classes with a yoga teacher. All practitioners can immerse themselves in meditation, healing, chaining and dance yoga. There are even traditional yoga classes.

Ubud Yoga Center

ubud yoga center yoga studio bali
Yoga studio. Photo credit: Ubud Yoga Center

The Ubud Yoga Center is composed of a paiste gong center and a children’s yoga center. There’s even a wine bar and cafe and gift shop. This complexity of the building was created with the purpose of offering multiple functions in mind.

This yoga studio is open to everyone in a contemporary building to accommodate anyone wishing to practice in complete serenity, regardless of physical condition.

Ubud Yoga Center offers several types of classes such as vigorous flow or a mind-body connection practice. There is also the slow but relaxing yoga session and gong meditation sessions.

The exterior of this studio exudes a passion for the environment. It was designed by one of the architects who received international awards, Popo Danes.

Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive Ubud Yoga Studio
Shavasana in the main studio of Radiantly Alive. Photo credit: Radiantly alive

Radiantly Alive is yet another among Bali’s premier yoga studios founded in Ubud. This yoga school offers about fifty types of yoga offered in several rooms with experienced teachers. In traditional yoga, there are Vinyasa, and Hatha, Yin yoga, and Ashtanga. There is also Chakra Flow, Sky Flow yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga instruction with handstand classes and much more.

Their specialty is Vinyasa, a dynamic class that links breathing to movement. It is achieved through the development of strength, flexibility, suppleness and warmth. They have their own program with Indonesian and international teachers.

Radiantly Alive yoga center in Ubud and its vegetarian restaurant
Café and vegetarian restaurant. Photo credit: Radiantly alive

This yoga has a cafe that offers vegetarian food perfect for relaxing after class. To soak up the vibes, a store with yoga products is there.

Radiantly Alive yoga clothing and accessories store
Yoga clothing and accessories store. Photo credit: Radiantly alive

Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow Bali Yoga Studio
Hatha yoga classes at theIntuitive Flow in Bali. Photo credit: Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow is a yoga center located a few kilometers from Ubud, more precisely in the village of Penestananan. This school is in a peaceful setting, perfect for practicing yoga. It gives a very nice view of the green nature with an excellent yoga instructor.

The classes she offers are gentle spiritual practice with dynamic yoga. She offers them between 3 and 6 yoga sessions during the day. With a cheaper subscription, Intuitive Flow offers basic yoga instruction for beginners. But also retreats for teachers and training.

One of the advantages of this studio is that yoga teachers can personally adjust their students and can offer private lessons, especially in low season. Where the number of people practicing yoga is less. During this period, everyone has enough space so that the yoga mat can be laid out in the best way, without encroaching on that of others.

Pyramids of Chi

Pyramids of Chi yoga studio Bali
Outside view. Photo credit: Pyramids of Chi

Pyramids of Chi is an innovation in the world through the combination of the power of pyramids, sacred geometry, polar alignment. As well as ancient sounds and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

The experience of healing and sound meditation is done through two superb pyramids, the pyramid of the moon and the pyramid of the sun. The school is located near Villa Jendela di Bali, a few kilometers from Ubud, in a picturesque landscape.

Yoga Studio in Ubud Pyramids of Chi
Inside view

This yoga studio regularly offers events such as sound healing, light therapy, cocoa ceremonies, breath and voice workshops. Spiritual awakening, yoga of sound with positive vibrations and Pyramid Power.

As a complement to their session, he offers an outdoor cafe called Food as Medicine to unwind after yoga training. As well as a memorable and meaningful gift shop and serene, meditative gardens.

Yoga studio in Canggu

Saturday Bali

saturday bali bali yoga studio
Photo credit: Samadi Bali

The amazing Samadi Bali Yoga Studio is in Canggu, specifically up the road from Bali Retreat Sanctuary. Along with the great variety of yoga classes and programs that make them stand out, they have a wonderful beer garden. The latter offers healthy, vegetarian and delicious meals with hot and cold drinks. They also sell ethical organic yoga jewelry, accessories and apparel.

The classes offered by this yoga studio are:

  • The Vinyasa Flow
  • The Hatha
  • Power Yoga
  • The Mandala Flow
  • The Restorative
  • Yin
  • Courses unique to surfers
  • fly-high yoga
  • athletic yoga

The lesson program during the week also includes breathing exercises, a sound circle, sound healing ceremonies and movement dances.

Beginner or confirmed practitioner, each course is well suited to all levels.

Yoga Studio in Seminyak

Yoga 108 Bali

Yoga 108 Bali
Studio of Yoga 108 in Bali. Photo credit: Yoga 108 Bali

This yoga studio in Seminyak is near the Harris Hotel on Jl Drupadi. Always with the aim of offering a happy and healthier life, it offers free yoga mats, towels and accessories that can be used during the sessions.

Yoga 108 Bali offers a variety of yoga styles and monthly yoga retreats in a warm environment. An experienced instructor also teaches optimal breathing, alignment, balance, strength and mindfulness. The practice is done off and on the yoga mat.

The means that this studio uses are the technique of traditional Hatha yoga, wisdom and tools to give the best version of oneself. Because of this, it is perfect for having an opportunity for intensive personal development, learning the philosophy of yoga. But, also to have a cultural and expansive experience of Bali.

Yoga studio in Lombok

Mana Yoga Retreat

Mana yoga retreat studio yoga Lombok Indonesia
Outdoor yoga studio. Photo credit: Mana Yoga Retreat

The Mana Yoga Retreat studio is a place to relax and reconnect with a part of ourselves that we often lose along the way of life. This can be to-do lists, appointments, and scheduled social calendars. Every detail of yoga retreat at Mana has been carefully curated and refined over the years. The environment created is conducive to the development of body and mind. It can be as simple as focusing on the breaths, learning new yoga routines, or meditating.

Yoga Studio in Gili Air

Air Flowers & Fire Yoga

Air flowers yoga studio Gili Air Indonesia
Yin Yoga in this outdoor studio. Photo credit: Air Flowers & Fire Yoga

Flowers & Fire Yoga offers classes of varying styles and experience levels for beginners and experienced yogis. They offer daily beginner yoga classes without an appointment. As well as workshops and retreats.

This is a new studio which is in the center of Gili Air, an Indonesian island paradise. He offers vinyasa flow classes that activate the chakras, yin, pranayama, meditation, yoga flow and restorative yoga.

Flowers & Fire Yoga also has an all-vegetarian food cafe.

Vegetarian dishes from Flowers and Fire Yoga restaurant Gili Air
Vegetarian cuisine at the Flowers and Fire restaurant. Photo credit: Air Flowers & Fire Yoga

H2O Yoga Meditation Center

H20 Yoga Meditation Center Gili Air Bali
Semi-open main studio. Photo credit: H2O Yoga & Meditation Center

THE H2O yoga and meditation center is located on the idyllic island of Gili Air, near Lombok and Bali. It’s the ultimate island escape. Witnessing the sunrise to do the Sun Salutation is breathtaking on Mount Rinjani, as the sun sets behind Mount Agung. To the sea, sand, diving, snorkeling and yoga…need we say more!?

This studio offers three daily yoga classes, meditation, interactive workshops with a yoga teacher. As well as a health-conscious cafe, massages and a variety of holistic healing treatments.

Restaurant at H20 Yoga Meditation Center Bali
Cafe/Bar. Photo credit: H2O Yoga & Meditation Center

The H2O Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center is a calming sanctuary for all. There are no motorized vehicles on this island. The main means of transport are bicycles and horse carts. The island invites you to immerse yourself in a slower, more regular and conscious way of being. The silent breeze is interrupted only by the sounds of village life, falling coconuts and the chirping of birds.

meditation by the pool of H2O Yoga Studio in Gili Air
Meditation by the pool. Photo credit: H2O Yoga & Meditation Center

In short, Bali has long been the most popular place for yoga. So, no matter which corner of the island you are in, you will inevitably find a fabulous and magnificent studio for regular practice. And if you want to practice other activities than yoga, especially outdoor activities, you will be spoiled for choice.

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