Review of the LA SPORTIVA Bushido 2 Gore-Tex trail shoe

Nathalie B LAURENT, travel and outdoor writer and trainer in the tourism sector, particularly in its sporting dimension, shares her test and opinion of the Trail running shoe LA SPORTIVA Bushido 2 gore tex.

The tests took place over several months, with daily use in France, varied climatic conditions and diversified outdoor activities, in particular trail running and hiking.

Presentation of the La Sportiva brand

La Sportiva is an Italian brand. The story begins in 1928 at the foot of the Dolomites; in the city of Trento (Tesero).

The shoemaker, Narciso Delladio then made the first leather shoes and wooden clogs for the farmers and loggers in the area, who flocked to the craftsman’s shop.

After the war, demand rose so sharply that Narciso was forced to hire new employees.

In the 1950s, ski boots were added to traditional hiking boots, then in the 1980s, climbing shoes. These first slippers will develop the brand with their distinctive purple and yellow colors. Since then, despite some years being more difficult than others, La Sportiva has expanded to ensure a presence in more than 70 countries around the world.

The family brand has also expanded its range with the appearance of new products: mountain running, mountaineering and expedition shoes, and technical clothing and accessories.

Introducing the Bushido 2 La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes

The Bushido 2 gore-tex shoe is a mountain running sneaker designed for technical terrain, thanks to its exceptional robustness.

It exists in different colors, in female or male version, from size 36 to 43 for women and from size 38 to 48.5 for men, in standard or gore tex version.

The gore-tex version has the advantage of protect even more from bad weather thanks to its waterproof membrane, especially during winter outings.

Particularly enveloping, thanks to their tongue which perfectly covers the top of the foot, they ensure optimal stability, including on technical trails.

Their formidable grip also makes it an ally of choice to face obstacles and unevenness.

Description of the Bushido 2 Gore-Tex version shoe

“Bushido II GTX is the invisible fit GORE-TEX membrane version of the classic Mountain Running Bushido model.

Dedicated to the world of skyrunning races and designed for use in winter, it is super light, grippy, aggressive and designed to guarantee perfect stability in support on all types of off-road terrain.

Thanks to the STB Control construction, the TPU skeleton placed laterally on the upper descends to wrap the midsole in the middle part to stabilize the shoe.

This solution allows to obtain a better wrapping of the shoe and a greater general stability thanks to the synergistic work of the upper and the midsole, as well as a lightening of the product, avoiding too heavy stabilizing inserts in the central part of the shoe.

The FriXion Red composite sole offers different support surfaces.

The rounded shape of the external blocks, which come out to the side to touch the midsole, create a progressive angle of support with the ground while maintaining stability even in the event of extreme torsion of the foot.

This allows you to run safely even on the most technical terrain with roots, stones and branches.

Features of the Bushido 2 gore tex La Sportiva

Upper: breathable air-mesh fabric, thermoplastic reinforcements, TPU HF mid-skeleton on rip-stop panels

  • Lining: GORE-TEX invisible fit
  • Inter Sole: EVA with compression and stability control system
  • Sole: Frixion Red
  • Plantar sole: Ortholite Ergonomic 4mm
  • drop: 6mm
  • Weight: 330 g ½ pa

The little extras:

+ GORE-TEX membrane with breathable, waterproof and super flexible Invisible Fit technology

+ Clean construction with minimal seams

+ Upper with internal slip-on construction to wrap the foot like a sock without compressing it or exerting pressure

+ Tailored heel for maximum comfort

+ Thermoplastic reinforcements for greater resistance to friction and abrasions

+ The bi-composite FriXion Red sole offers different support surfaces to guarantee maximum grip on all types of terrain

LA SPORTIVA BUSHIDO 2 trail shoe review

The first outings alternate walking and running for less than 10 kilometers to allow the foot to adapt to the shoe and its drop (6mm). The following ones gradually incorporate positive elevation, the distance and the duration lengthen.

The shoes are comfortable despite the duration and elevation of the outings. The foot is not cramped, especially at the level of the toes, which means there is no pain linked to any compression or when hitting, especially during descents.

The shoes provide maximum stability, including during technical passages (jumps, slopes, etc.) The feeling of being in slippers is reinforced by the envelope of the foot which provides comfort and support, despite the twisting of the ankles.

The grip is perfect, despite the slippery roots and the various and varied obstacles. The grip is remarkable, as for other La Sportiva models.

The dynamism is not forgotten, with precision support and a pleasant recovery.

Small flat however on the lightness, which could be improved for an even lower weight.

My opinion on the BUSHIDO 2 gore tex trail shoe from La Sportiva

Several criteria are reviewed to ensure a constructive and complete opinion: the aesthetics of the shoe, comfort and support, resistance and grip and finally dynamism.

Shoes for training and preparing for the most beautiful trails in the world.

The aesthetics of Bushido 2 gore tex

La Sportiva trail running shoes review Bushido 2

The colors of La Sportiva Trail shoes are different from other brands. They are distinguished by variegated colors, often in dark hues. This model is available in male and female versions in several colorways, and the version tested is the Blaze Carbon.

The yellow is particularly successful and the alliance of gray brings a nice nuance to the shoe. Although the model is conspicuous, it remains very pleasant to look at and the details contribute to this visual success. The logo is sober and the mesh drawn on the front of the foot is a real plus in the design of this shoe.

The comfort and support of the Bushido 2

Comfort, just like aesthetics, remains a subjective criterion because it depends on the characteristics and tastes of each person. The reflection after each outing is identical: the footwear, although very enveloping and comfortable, will not be suitable for wide feet. It is tight on the foot and provides a feeling of closeness that keeps it perfectly in the effort, whatever the type of terrain. The tongue perfectly covers the foot and offers optimal comfort.

On the other hand, a slight flat on the reinforcement of the heel, which, if it provides effective protection against the reliefs, reinforces the gap with the front of the foot. Indeed, the front is more exposed and the bumps end up creating a feeling of sensitivity to the bumps, which can be annoying depending on the duration of the race.

The EVA foam seems more concentrated on the heel and the yoke is quite rigid. This aspect is important because it allows the support and protection of the foot, in particular the Achilles heel, but will probably not be suitable for all profiles.

Resistance and grip of Bushido 2 Gore Tex

The construction is solid and from the first use, the model proves to be resistant. Indeed, the mesh, in its gore tex version, is clearly waterproof and robust against abrasions. The crampons located on the sides of the shoe provide additional protection against bumps and allow maximum stability, including on slopes.

The grip system is noted in Frixion Red. At La Sportiva, the quotation is in 5 colors: blue, green, white, red and black. Each color has its own characteristics and Frixion Red is the one with the best balance between resistance and grip.

The grip is really formidable, whether the ground is dry or wet, the path clear or with obstacles. The winter conditions made it possible to carry out tests on leafy paths and the foot never slipped.

The dynamism of Bushido 2 gore tex version

The raise is effective even if the weight remains undeniably the element to improve. The shoes remain heavy, and even if this is not felt too much during outings, it is obvious that lightness is not their strong point. This is the element that comes up regularly at La Sportiva and which was also the conclusion of the Akyra test.

Conclusion of the La Sportiva Bushido 2 review

The Bushido 2 gore-tex trail shoe is reliable over time. It’s a great ally for clocking up the miles, with solid materials that make them sturdy sneakers, for outings on all types of terrain.

They also provide stability and support for the foot and allow you to descend quickly without fear of twisting your ankle. Comfort is ensured by the very enveloping fit that perfectly matches the contours of the foot.

The weight remains the criterion to be improved, to gain dynamism and recovery. Ultimately, this shoe is an excellent choice for short and medium distance outings (less than 50 kilometers).

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