Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag
Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag
Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag
  1. Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag
  2. Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag
  3. Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag is an ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT SLEEPING BAG-Dimension: 3.08 ft x 6.73 ft(37*80.7 inches), sufficient to accommodate an adult; Lightweight at 4.6 oz, it’s convenient to carry.

Small sufficient to healthy in the palm of your hand, Delmera’s Bivy survival snoozing bag comes with rolled interior available nylon stuff drawstring bag sack so you can save it almost anywhere.

First useful resource napping bag is guaranteed, now not effortless to tear, has accurate water resistant performance, robust wind resistance, and robust insulation performance.

STAY WARM AND ALIVE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS-Originally designed by means of NASA for area exploration, these insulating mylar luggage supply compact emergency safety in all climate prerequisites by using reflecting again and keeping 90% of a survival victim’s physique heat.

Furthermore, the vibrant orange color of the water-proof napping bag helps rescuers discover you with ease.

The emergency dozing bag serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and emergency bivy sack all in one.

EMERGENCY USE AND EXTRA-THICK TEAR-Delmera Emergency Thermal Mylar Bags are perfect for all emergencies. They can be used to stop and counter hypothermia by using lowering warmth loss from a person’s body, to cowl injured victims in order to assist limit shock.

Your ultra-lightweight survival sound asleep bag is built of 26um extra-thick mylar fabric with a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to severe conditions.

INCREDIBLY PACKABLE AND PROTECTION AGAINST RAIN, WIND-Light and vastly compact emergency bivy with available nylon stuff drawstring bag sack, so you can raise this slumbering bag with your survival package in all places you go barring weighing your self down.

Heavy-duty aluminized PE indoor cloth can face up to rain, wind, snow, and some other exterior impact.

We propose preserving it with your survival kit, in your bug-out bag, tenting gear, and glove field so you have it equipped when you want it.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are no longer totally comfortable with the fine of your Emergency Thermal Blankets, Delmera will make each and every effort to serve you or you will be given your cash again – no questions asked!

Publisher: Delmera

Details: About Company: Delmera is a professional manufacturer of emergency blankets, emergency sleeping bags, and emergency tents. Our company pays attention to product R&D and design and has always been on the road to continuous improvement and innovation. We strictly control the quality of our products and aim to sell high-quality products that satisfy our customers.

About ProductEmergency Sleeping Bag is made of top-quality materials. The thick Mylar foil is very tough and can withstand even the harshest outdoor weather conditions. They boast 90% body heat retention. The bag can also fit in any emergency or survival kit so that it can be your first idea for a survival bag.

About Packaging: The packaging is so compact and lightweight, that the drawstring bag pack can fit in sports jump bags or outdoor adventure backpacks. You shouldn’t go anywhere in the wilderness or travel far during the winter without such a bag.

About Instructions: It is also very important to know how to properly use such bags, as they are not made of organic or synthetic material, but of aluminum. Some people don’t use them properly and claim that the bag doesn’t keep them warm. In order to make the most of it, you need to wrap it around you in such a way, that (cold) air can’t go in and warm air can’t escape.

About Service: We promise to deliver the highest quality safety products and if you’re not happy for any reason, get your money back, Guaranteed! No Questions asked.

Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

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