How to react to a bear?

Like, you might already know, I’m planning on doing a kayak trip alaska next summer. Since it is quite possible that we will encounter bears on the way, so I explored the most important topic of all:

how to survive an encounter with a bear?

I can say without taking too many risks that it will fascinate all lovers of wide open spaces, brought to discover the northern regions and the boreal forests where one is likely to meet these beautiful big balls of hair which, I remind you, can weigh up to a ton, tear off any car door with a kick of their paw and run at 60 km/h (faster than a horse). Not bad in the genre, don’t you think?

How to avoid them (because this is the first precaution), how to react in case of confrontations, how to recognize them or what to do in case of attacks? Everything is explained there.

My article was published on the blog nordic-books and can be found by clicking on this link:

15 techniques for surviving a bear encounter

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