How to build a water capacitor

Water condenser working mode

build a water capacitor, Building a water condenser consists of digging a hole in the ground in the form of a cone, placing a fool or a container in its bottom and putting a plastic sheet on top that you can hold on the ground with stones.

During the day, the temperature of the air and soil enclosed under the sheet of plastic rises forming vapor on the outer surface of the plastic.

This vapor is transformed at the end of the day as well as during the night into water droplets by the effect of the temperature gradient which is at the origin of the phenomenon of condensation.

By putting a rock in the middle of the plastic sheet, you make it tilt and thus help the water droplets to fall directly into the container.

To easily access the water from the container without having to remove the foil each time, you can use a long flexible plastic tube that you will use as a drinking straw.

What you need to build a water capacitor

The condensation process takes about a full day and night to form ½ to 1 liter of water.

The items you are going to need to make a water condenser in a simple and easy way are as follows.

  • A plastic sheet of about 1.8m. This sheet must be clear and heavy to allow the water droplets to form and fall back into the container. To make the plastic clearer, consider rubbing it with sandpaper.
  • A round rock large enough to form an inclination in the middle of the plastic sheet.
  • A container or a soil to collect the water droplets
  • A long enough flexible plastic tube that you will use as a straw (optional)

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