Go camping with friends

Holidays are the perfect time for a stay with friends with their promise of relaxation, fun, bond-building and unforgettable memories. Many young people decide to go away for the weekend or on vacation by reserving an apartment or a house. But did you know that camping is an option full of surprises that you absolutely have to consider? 😉
Find out today why camping with friends deserves its place on your to do list for the holidays!

Camping with friends: the opportunity to be closer than ever

Who has never dreamed of falling back to childhood, even for a moment, in this invaluable and light atmosphere of a summer camp (if you were lucky enough to know it)? No more nostalgia because this feeling, you can find it in a very simple way: by going camping with your friends! Indeed, the campsite has a unique, warm and joyful atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. The best thing is that by planning ahead, you can rent several mobile homes or pitches side by side and spend a stay in close proximity.

In the evening, go to your immediate neighbour… who will therefore turn out to be your best friend! On the program: aperitif, campfire by the river or on the beach, small barbecue or evening of board games with joy and laughter. It will even be an opportunity to have an improvised pajama party, why? Think again, this type of party is not exclusively reserved for teenagers! You too will be entitled to your little moments of carelessness and confidences between friends. Take our word for it: leaving with loved ones and giving yourself special moments by their side in a pleasant setting will fill you with happiness.

Holidays at low prices

We know that it is not always easy financially for young people in their twenties. This is the age when one seeks both to crunch life to the full while learning to manage one’s expenses. Renting accommodation at the campsite with your friends will allow you to relieve your wallet since it is cheaper if everyone participates. You can, suddenly, mark it (the coup!) by renting a super-cosy accommodation! Or opt for a simpler rental: the important thing is above all to be together, right? In any case, by booking a rental in a campsite, you will find everything you need, at an affordable price, with remarkable comfort. Keep in mind, however, that of course it all depends on your destination or the type of campsite you choose.

A dynamic atmosphere

By going camping with your friends, you won’t have time to get bored. The establishments offer so many activities that you will not know where to turn. Opt for a game of volleyball on the beach to have fun and strengthen ties or a football tournament to sweat and wake up the spirit of competition that lies dormant in you. After letting off steam to the rhythm of the music with the campsite’s entertainment team, during an aquagym lesson for example, the slides of the water park await you for maximum pleasure. Slides after slides you will not see the time pass. Going there with friends is sure to experience memorable moments punctuated with laughter.

The magic of camping

Camping is also the perfect place to forge new friendships with people from different backgrounds. By staying with your friends, you can meet other young people and meet new people. The light, relaxed and carefree holiday atmosphere makes everything easier. Without understanding why or how, you will find yourself during the karaoke evening at the campsite singing at the top of your lungs with someone you have known for barely 20 minutes. That’s the magic of camping we’re talking about!

Festive evenings

Accompanied by your friends, your evenings at the campsite will be all the more joyful. Many campsites organize themed evenings in a good mood with music, cocktails and entertainment. It is also common for campsites to be quite close to the city, a perfect location for you to take short night getaways, enjoy the liveliness and activity of the city center before returning to the comfort of your rental or to slip into your tent.

Organization is the key!

Prepare well for your departure

Regardless of the number of people in the group, holidays with several people require some organization. To avoid “Oh no! We forgot the cooler, the diving masks and the cups…”, it is necessary to draw up a list of the essentials to bring with you. Start by finding out: what the campsite provides and offers you in terms of equipment, then adjust your list in relation to these elements. Distribute what everyone needs to bring and a few days before departure, organize a small summary to check that everything is there (the heads in the air will have no excuses).

Divide household chores

Dirty socks here, (under)clothes lying around there and a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink… Help! Holidays rhyme with relaxation and letting go, but when living together, one of the first things to do to avoid quarrels is to distribute the tasks fairly to ensure the cleanliness of your rental. It is necessary to avoid that it is always the same ones who attack the housework, or the preparation of meals while others remain slumped on the sofa, at the risk of creating small tensions. So, for real teamwork, it’s a good idea to set up a rotation where everyone can choose what they prefer to do. If your tribe shelters an ace of the kitchen among your friends, it can be placed at the stoves to cook good small dishes; others will take care of the dishes, shopping or even sweeping. Once you know what everyone is responsible for, it’s easier and with several people, everything goes faster!

Create a plan for your vacation

…to avoid going in circles

We all know this friend who gives us this famous speech: “No, but don’t worry, we’ll do things day by day, no pressure, it’s the holidays”. Conclusion, from the 1st day it is still 1 p.m., when everyone opens their eyes and inevitably, the prospects for outings for the day are not very good. So of course, we banish this attitude and we take advantage of the campsite and all the activities it can offer us: a short trip to the lake, the water park, the snack bar, the gym. However, it is true that when it comes to discovering the surroundings, reaching an agreement can be more complicated than expected. It is therefore a question of

…plan what you want to discover

To avoid endless discussions and hassles, it is important to find out beforehand about the region and the activities in the surrounding area. You can also, once there, get advice from the locals or the campsite reception: this is often how you discover rare pearls or activities you would never have thought of. The campsites themselves regularly organize group excursions with a real dynamic of discovery and kindness. So here we go, on your marks, ready? Do your research!

As a bonus: a short guide for a good understanding

It is often said that going on vacation with friends is the ultimate test for the bonds that unite us (also valid for new couples!). This is where we discover the “true face” of the other, their reactions to the unexpected but also the ability of all to remain united in the face of possible difficulties and to live together. So, to make your stay as smooth as possible, here are some tips that could be useful to you.

Respect everyone’s desires and character

Within a group of friends, everyone has different character traits, particular desires and their own personalities. This is what makes the richness of your friendship but which also requires you to make compromises. It is important to adapt to everyone’s rhythms: some are not morning people, prefer the sea and calm evenings, while others are more night owls and would opt for a swim in the lake. The important thing is to communicate, to find an operation that suits everyone and to make you happy. To satisfy everyone, you can choose a campsite with vast possibilities. For example, an area that has both a water park with direct access to the sea, pitches for traditional camping and mobile homes for more comfort, or even a geographical location in the heart of nature while being a few kilometers from the city. All combinations are possible ! That turns out well, Campsite Direct allows you to search for your ideal campsite by applying several filters according to your criteria.

Knowing how to get away to find yourself better

Being surrounded by friends for several days to have fun and have a good time is probably one of the best things there is. But for some people, being constantly in contact with others without ever taking a moment for yourself can cause small frictions with those around you. If you recognize yourself in these lines, you are surely someone who recharges your batteries through moments alone, in peace. In this case, do not hesitate to communicate your need to your friends.

You can enjoy your own company for a few moments while admiring a sunset or through a musical stroll in the environment of the campsite. It is true that for others, refueling goes on the contrary through contact and going out. Once again, it’s up to you to adapt with your loved ones according to your respective temperaments. And above all, remember that if they are real friends, they will understand you!

Think about your next vacation

As you will have understood, going camping with friends is a real experience. We are full of energy and the will to live magical moments. Camping is a place that allows you to do all this, and much more! So book now at Campsite Direct to spend an unforgettable stay in the campsite of your choice.

And you, who would you choose to accompany you for your stay?

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