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It took its time but it’s here and there, in winter… No reason to be (too) depressed though: winter is also the perfect time to wrap up in a good blanket, a cup of chocolate by hand in front of a good little series… Or to take a deep breath of fresh air in a snow caravan campsite!

“Snow caravan??? If at this very precise second you are still wondering what it is about, in a few minutes you will be unbeatable on the subject, and you will have only one desire: to test it for yourself… in a snow caravan camping provided by Camping Direct For example.

What is snow caravanning?

As its name suggests, snow caravan is simply the fusion of the words “caravan” and “snow”. You’re starting to get it, right?

It is a practice of staying in your motorhome or van in or near a winter sports resort. By extension, “caravan snow” refers to establishments, campsites, which remain open in winter, near ski resorts and therefore allow you to practice… snow caravanning. This concept and these establishments are very successful and represent a good alternative to traditional accommodation if you want to stay at a lower cost.

Snow caravanning will therefore allow you to save money, preserve your privacy thanks to dedicated accommodation, while taking advantage of the services of the establishment in which you will find yourself.

When to go on a snow caravan?

To enjoy sliding activities and beautiful snowy landscapes, it is better to find out about the right time to go on vacation.


The opening of the snow caravan season is generally in December. Even if the snow cover is sometimes limited, it is the time of the year when there is a real festive atmosphere. Spending Christmas with the family, between illuminated decorations, fir trees and snow, there is nothing more magical! So to delight the children and take advantage of various activities such as cooking workshops or the discovery of Christmas markets, do not hesitate to book your stay in a snow caravan.


In January, attendance and prices are down, back to school requires. In addition, the snow generally holds better thanks to the cold. A good month to make reservations at a snow caravan campsite… if you can take time off at that time of year.


February is often the month when attendance is at its peak, as are fares, due to the winter holidays. So remember to book your stay in advance to be sure of enjoying a good location or the rental of your choice.

March April

The snow is not always there in all the resorts, but on the other hand, these are the months when you can enjoy milder temperatures, beautiful blue skies and more affordable prices.

Note that some snow caravanning establishments remain open all year round. In spring, summer or autumn, a stay in the heart of nature, surrounded by the mountains, remains just as revitalizing. In addition, during these seasons, snow caravan campsites are less frequented than seaside campsites.

Where to go on a snow caravan?

Snow caravans and ski resorts are numerous in France. Between Alps, Pyrenees, Vosges Or The Massif Centralyou will discover magnificent landscapes and establishments rich in activities.

Looking for comfort?

If you want to spend a cozy stay that gives full priority to comfort, many snow caravan establishments offer a wide choice of heated and equipped accommodation. Between luxurious chalets, unusual glamping pods, mobile homes, small cabins, you will inevitably find what you need.

Pitch your tent in the snow

Opening the canvas of your tent in the early morning and contemplating a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains, isn’t that a unique experience? For those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone by leaving it a bit aside, the following tips are for you! Snow caravan campsites offer pitches that will allow you to set up your tent for a few nights. Obviously, remember to equip yourself well: sleeping bag, insulated and waterproof tent, warm clothes. Professional equipment that does not suffer from approximation.

If that’s not enough to cope with the cold, all means are good (hot water bottle, small auxiliary heater, hot tea) to warm you up and make your tent a warm little cocoon.

The different snow caravan services

The caravaneige campsites offer you a snow-cleared site to park your vehicle. Some of them even include access to water, electricity and a drainage system to facilitate your stay and offer you optimal comfort.

You will also have access to heated sanitary facilities, a laundry room, a room for your personal effects, various equipment for your stay and even, often, a shuttle to reach the ski slopes. Inquire at the reception of the establishment you have chosen for a complete list of the services offered.


To spend a quality stay and regain strength, the catering component is very important. You can taste essential dishes that warm the heart in winter: fondue, raclette, charcuterie platter or even tartiflette. Yum yum!

Relaxation and wellness area

After a day spent skiing and having fun in the snow, you can, if necessary, take some time for yourself in the establishment’s wellness area: heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, allowing you to enjoy a sweet moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Activities and winter sports

During your stay in the snow caravan, enjoy a multitude of sliding sports and outdoor activities. As a family, to survey the snowy slopes, choose suitable outfits designed for skiing that will ensure the regulation of your body temperature despite the effort. Don’t forget your sunglasses and your UV cream to protect yourself from the sun. Knowledge of the terrain you are skiing on is essential. So to have fun in complete safety, find out about the different levels of difficulty of the slopes from the managers of the ski resort.

Snowmobile sensations

To combine fun and excitement, take a ride on a snowmobile, hurtle down the slopes while snowtubing and for the bravest, try ski joering, an activity where the skier is towed by a horse! Some establishments even allow you to go paragliding over the mountains.

Family activities

If you are going on holiday with young children, there are also affordable activities for everyone, such as tobogganing on snow or on rails, the ice rink, building a snowman, snakegliss (sliding on linked sledges), swimming in the covered and heated swimming pool of the campsite, a snowshoe walk in nature or a sleigh ride.

To not forget !

For your vehicle

Make sure your vehicle has snow tires and chains for safe driving. Also think of a small shovel in case of snow removal. Once there, and in the event of negative temperatures, please start your vehicle every day even if you do not leave your pitch.

Kitchen side

If you don’t intend to eat at the caravaneige campground and you’re staying in a tent, bring your portable stove so you can cook good meals. Opt for foods that are simple to cook such as rice or pasta and accompany them with canned food that you will only have to reheat.


Snow caravanning holidays require you to be well covered to enjoy a pleasant stay and the various activities without shivering. To compose your bag, opt for comfortable, insulating, warm and waterproof clothing, without forgetting gloves, hats, neck warmer and good thick socks.

Book your caravan stay

It is only during a certain period of the year that you want to take advantage of the snow and splendid rejuvenating landscapes, so do not miss the best snow caravan establishments and book your stay now on Campsite Direct !

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