Crafting a Knife – Surviving the Wild

Whether you want to venture out into the great outdoors or are unfortunately the victim of an accident that put you in a difficult situation, one of the things you will need to get by is a knife.

Even if you don’t have one, it is possible to make one using products from nature.

A stone knife

Start by finding yourself a stone that is strong enough. If you are familiar with stones, flint would be perfect, but if not, you just need to find a stone that is not very friable. Try to cut it in the form of a knife blade and rub it well on another stone so that it becomes sharp. For the knife hand, you can use a stick or a bone. To glue the two compartments, collect resin from tree trunks and heat it, and so that it does not harden very quickly, you can add charcoal and a teaspoon of honey.

A metal knife

You will need a piece of metal like a tin can lid. Place this piece on a sturdy work surface, flatten it and try to cut it into a knife-like shape using a stone. Then rub this piece of metal to a rough surface and glue it to a stick using tree resin.

A glass or bone knife

If you find a piece of glass, try cutting it into the shape of a knife blade and then glue it to a piece of wood. If not, find a bone and carve it so that it becomes sharp as a knife blade and then attach it to a stick using resin or even wire.

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