Camping Direct supports the Rose Trip Morocco

Sensitive to values ​​of solidarityof transcendence and D’eco-responsibility conveyed both by the Trek Rose Trip Morocco and by the participating teams, Campsite Direct responded favorably to the request for sponsorship from one of them. This is how the number 1 camping reservation site in Europe supports the Toulouse trio the Kamoulox of the desert!

Rose Trip Morocco: what is it?

For the 4th year, the travel agency desertionsspecializing in adventure raids around the world (orientation rallies Roses of the Sands Trophy Where Andean Roses Trophy for example), organizes the Trek Rose Trip in Morocco.
Exclusively reserved for women, but open to beginners as well as experienced hikers, the Rose Trip Morocco takes place from October 27 to 1er November 2022. He understands 3 days of trekking/orienteering in the desert, plus a day of solidarity hiking.

Only equipped with a compass, a map and a topographic protractor (GPS strictly prohibited!), the female trios participating will have to perform every day a step in the region of Merzouga, in southern Morocco. The winning trio is the one having traveled the fewest kilometers to reach the finish, while respecting the various checkpoints during each of the 3 stages. Not easy in a new environment that must be understood, interpreted and appropriated!

Old school orienteering!

The last day of the trek is devoted to a solidarity hike. Its objective, like that of the Rose Trip: the double awareness of breast cancer (the trek takes place in the middle of Pink October) and the literacy of the populations of the desert, in partnership with associations Pink Ribbon and Children of the Desert.

Camping Direct, partner of the desert Kamoulox!

A rather original name for a team of trekkers, isn’t it?
“Desert”, okay, it’s very clear now that the Trek Rose Trip has (almost) no more secrets for you. But “Kamoulox”? A few explanations are in order: “Our trio brings together sisters-in-law, ex-sisters-in-law, childhood friends… A mishmash that is sometimes difficult to explain to those who don’t know us. The name “Kamoulox” seemed obvious to us, in homage to the absurd game parody of Kad and Olivier! ” enlightened Julie Sanouone of the team members.

The 3 members of the Kamoulox of the desert are revealed

Campsite Direct was sensitive to the project of the 3 young women and to the values ​​conveyed, through them, by the entire Rose Trip project: “There are certainly 3 stages, and therefore a winner, continues Julie, but no prize to be won. The objective is to raise awareness and support partner associations (Ruban Rose and Enfants du Désert). Furthermore, it is a eco-responsible trek, with minimal impact on the environment : we must keep our waste up to the refueling points but also pick up those found on our way. Our bivouac is also completely cleaned every day, there should be no trace of our visit! »

3 days of trekking in the desert, of course, this requires a whole organization and logistics, managed by the agency desertions : accommodation, food, supplies during the race, physiotherapists, chiropodists, etc., the participants have nothing to worry about… Nothing, except their physical and mental preparation for what remains, beyond the beautiful values ​​conveyed by the company, real physical performance. What Julie Sanou readily confirms: “We started to prepare… in November! (2021, editor’s note). By simply walking longer and longer and more and more frequently. During the summer (2022, Ed), same program, but by the sea, in the sand! »

Julie Sanou, member of the desert Kamoulox

“Unique” expense items for participants: registration fees and plane tickets for Morocco. Hence the need to establish a budget and therefore, for participants such as our desert Kamoulox, only motivated by the desire to surpass themselves and carry values ​​that are dear to them, to find sponsors: “Several Toulouse companies have shown themselves to be sensitive to our project, including Camping Direct”.

All about the Trek Rose Trip 2022

The Trek Rose Trip Morocco 2022 starts on October 27 and ends on October 1er november. The 3 days of trekking/orientation in the desert of southern Morocco take place on Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October. The solidarity hike, which closes the 2022 edition before the prize-giving, takes place on Monday, October 31. You can find all this information and much more on the official website of the Rose Trip Maroc, as well as the Facebook page of the event. To follow the adventures of the courageous participants-benefactors, a Youtube channel regularly broadcasts videos. Here is already the teaser of the 2022 edition:

On Instagram, the hashtag #rosetripmaroc will allow you not to miss any of the official publications of the organization and the participants.

To follow “our » Desert Kamouloxsubscribe to their Facebook page as well as to their instagram account.

Camping Direct is very happy to support this friendly trio, carrying great values ​​of solidarity, surpassing oneself and preserving the environment.

Good luck Kamoulox and see you soon on the Camping Direct blog for a debrief of your Moroccan adventure!

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