Build a polar shelter in the snow

In polar regions, building a shelter adapted to the type of nature and climate is an absolute necessity to survive.

The snow cave is a very good alternative to stay in this kind of place. To successfully build it, you will need to follow a few precautions.

  • Use compact and very firm snow so that your structure is solid and can support its weight.
  • Locate your shelter in a place where you can easily find high-quality snowdrifts such as the edge of a river or the base of a steep cliff.

Stages of building a snow cave

Once you have located a good snowdrift, you can start building your shelter by following these steps:

  • Start by choosing one side of the snowdrift and digging a tunnel about a meter in length.
  • To form the room, continue your work by expanding on the two sides opposite the entrance to the shelter.
  • Finish by making a bed to sleep covered with foliage and located a few centimeters below the ground.

For comfort and safety, position your cave access opening so that it is relatively sheltered from snow piles and wind forces.

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