Urban survival gear and supplies

Urban Survival Gear and Supplies to Prepare for Any Crisis

When it comes to urban survival, being prepared with the right gear and supplies can mean the difference between life and death. Emergencies and disasters can strike unexpectedly, leaving you vulnerable and in need of essential items to survive. In this article, I will guide you through the must-have urban survival gear and supplies to ensure your safety, comfort, and self-sufficiency in any crisis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Equip yourself with urban survival gear and supplies for emergency preparedness.
  • Having the right gear and supplies is crucial for urban survival.
  • Prepare an everyday carry (EDC) kit with essential items for quick access.
  • Keep a get home bag (GHB) with emergency essentials in your workplace or vehicle.
  • Pack a bug out bag (BOB) with vital supplies for quick evacuation.

The Importance of Being Prepared for Urban Survival

Living in a city presents unique challenges when it comes to emergency preparedness. Urban areas are often densely populated, with limited resources and a potential for increased risks during a crisis. That’s why being prepared for urban survival is crucial.

Disasters and emergencies can strike at any time, and having the right gear and supplies can make all the difference in ensuring your safety and well-being. By taking proactive steps to prepare, you can increase your chances of effectively navigating through challenging situations and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a widespread power outage, urban survival requires careful planning and consideration. By having the necessary supplies, such as food, water, first aid kits, and communication devices, you can maintain self-sufficiency and resilience during a crisis.

Urban Survival TipsEmergency Preparedness Tips
Stay informed about potential risks and threats in your area.Create an emergency plan and communicate it with your family.
Build a comprehensive urban survival kit with essential items.Stay updated on local emergency alerts and warnings.
Learn basic self-defense techniques to protect yourself.Practice evacuation drills with your family to ensure readiness.
Know alternative routes and escape plans in your city.Establish a reliable communication system with your loved ones.
Familiarize yourself with local emergency services and shelters.Keep copies of important documents in a safe and accessible place.
Learn basic first aid and CPR skills.Stockpile non-perishable food and water for at least 72 hours.
Identify and prepare a safe room or area in your home.Regularly check and update your emergency supplies and kit.
Develop skills in urban foraging and water collection.Educate family members about emergency protocols and safety measures.
Practice energy conservation and learn to use alternative energy sources.Engage in community emergency preparedness programs and workshops.
Secure your home against potential break-ins or hazards.Gather and maintain a list of emergency contact numbers.
Acquire and maintain a portable generator or alternative power sources.Prepare a “go bag” for each family member with personal essentials.
Learn to purify and store water in an urban environment.Monitor and understand the local weather patterns and advisories.
Participate in local urban survival training and courses.Organize regular family meetings to discuss and update emergency plans.

Remember, urban survival requires adaptability and resourcefulness. By being prepared and having the right mindset, you can effectively navigate through urban environments during crisis situations, increasing your chances of survival and ensuring the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear for Urban Survival

When it comes to urban survival, having the right everyday carry (EDC) gear is essential. Your EDC gear consists of the items you carry with you at all times, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation that may arise. In an urban environment, where resources and support may be limited during a crisis, having the right EDC gear can be a lifesaver.

There are several key items that should be included in your EDC kit. Firstly, a foldable knife is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes such as cutting ropes or self-defense. Additionally, a mobile phone is crucial for communication and accessing emergency services. A fire starter can help you start a fire for warmth, signaling, or cooking. If legal in your area, a stun gun can provide self-defense in case of an attack. A multi-tool is a compact and handy tool that includes various functions such as pliers, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. A flashlight is essential for navigating in the dark, especially during power outages. Paracord has multiple uses, from securing items to creating makeshift shelters. Lastly, a first aid kit with essential supplies can help you tend to minor injuries until professional medical help is available.

Advantages of EDC Gear

Carrying EDC gear offers several advantages in urban survival situations. Firstly, it provides you with a sense of security and preparedness, knowing that you have the necessary tools to handle unexpected situations. EDC gear also enhances your self-reliance and self-sufficiency, allowing you to navigate through challenges without relying solely on external resources. Additionally, having EDC gear enables you to assist others in need, extending a helping hand during emergencies. Finally, having essential items readily available can save valuable time and potentially prevent further harm or danger.

Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear for Urban SurvivalPurpose/Use
Foldable KnifeSelf-defense, cutting ropes, versatile tool
Mobile PhoneCommunication, access to emergency services
Portable Power BankKeeping devices charged during outages
Multi-toolVersatile functions such as pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener
FlashlightNavigating in the dark, power outage situations
ParacordSecuring items, creating makeshift shelters
First Aid KitTending to minor injuries, basic medical supplies
Water Bottle/Hydration SystemStaying hydrated
Emergency CashTransactions during power/network outages
Personal IdentificationIdentification and emergency contact info
Map of Local AreaNavigation during power/network outages
Face Mask and Hand SanitizerPersonal protection against germs
Stun Gun (where legal)Self-defense, personal safety (subject to legal restrictions)

Carrying EDC gear offers a sense of security, self-reliance, and the ability to assist others in need during emergencies. With essential items readily available, you can navigate through unexpected situations with confidence and potentially prevent further harm or danger.

Being prepared for urban survival requires thoughtful planning and having the right gear at your disposal. Your everyday carry (EDC) gear serves as your first line of defense and can help you overcome challenges in an urban environment. By ensuring you have the key items mentioned above, you can enhance your readiness and increase your chances of survival in any crisis situation.

Get Home Bag (GHB) Essentials for Urban Survival

Why Do You Need a Get Home Bag?

When it comes to urban survival, having a Get Home Bag (GHB) is crucial. A GHB is a bag filled with essential items that you keep with you, whether at work or in your vehicle, to help you make your way home in the event of an emergency or crisis.

What Should Your GHB Contain?

Your GHB should be packed with items that will aid you in navigating through urban environments and ensure your safety on your journey home. Here are some essential items to include in your GHB:

  • Personal water filter to ensure access to clean drinking water
  • Emergency blanket to provide warmth and shelter
  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris
  • Work gloves for handling materials and protecting your hands
  • Rain poncho to keep you dry in inclement weather
  • Maps of your area to help you navigate through unfamiliar territory
  • Respiratory mask to protect against airborne pollutants
  • Emergency radio to stay informed about updates and news

These essentials will assist you in overcoming obstacles, finding safe routes, and ensuring your survival in urban settings.

A Complete Example of a Get Home Bag (GHB) Contents

Having a well-stocked and prepared GHB can make a significant difference in your ability to navigate through urban environments and reach safety during emergencies. Remember to periodically review and update your GHB to ensure all items are in proper working condition and to account for any changes in your needs or environment.

Personal water filter1
Emergency blanket1
Safety goggles1
Work gloves1 pair
Rain poncho1
Maps of your area1 set
Respiratory mask1
Emergency radio1
First aid kit1
Energy bars2
Water purification tablets10
Spare batteries2

Bug Out Bag (BOB) Must-Haves for Urban Survival

In an urban survival situation, having a well-equipped bug out bag (BOB) can be a life-saving asset. A bug out bag is a backpack that contains all the essentials you need to evacuate quickly and survive in an emergency or crisis. It is crucial to pack your BOB with items that are specific to urban survival scenarios.

Bug out bag

Key Items for Your Bug Out Bag

To ensure your preparedness for urban survival, here are some must-haves for your bug out bag:

Foldable knifeCutting, opening cans
Multi-toolVersatile tool
FlashlightNavigating in the dark
ParacordBuilding shelters, clotheslines
First aid kitMedical supplies
Emergency whistleSignaling for help
CashEmergency purchases
Water bottleStay hydrated
FoodNon-perishable nutrition
Pepper spray (where legal)Personal protection
AxeSelf-defense, cutting
Spare set of clothesVaried weather, emergencies
Durable garbage bagsShelter, waterproofing
Duct tapeRepairing, securing
Fire starterCooking, warmth, signaling
Battery-powered radioNews, updates
Solar-powered chargerPowering devices

These items will equip you with the essentials needed to navigate through urban settings during an emergency evacuation. It’s important to regularly check and update the contents of your bug out bag to ensure everything is in good working condition and meets your specific needs.

Tools and Equipment for Urban Survival

When it comes to urban survival, having the right tools and equipment can mean the difference between staying safe and facing unnecessary challenges. In this section, I will discuss some essential tools that are crucial for navigating urban environments during a crisis.


A crowbar is a versatile tool that can be extremely useful in urban survival situations. It can be used for prying open doors or windows, breaking locks, or even as a self-defense weapon if necessary. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in a bag or keep in your vehicle.


Having a set of wrenches in various sizes is essential for urban survival. They can be used for a range of tasks, such as turning off gas or water valves, repairing broken equipment, or even securing makeshift structures. Make sure to include both adjustable and fixed wrenches in your toolkit.

Bolt Cutters

In urban environments, there may be situations where you need to quickly gain access to secured areas or cut through obstacles. Bolt cutters are designed to cut through bolts, chains, and padlocks, making them invaluable in emergency scenarios. Look for a compact and durable pair that can easily fit in your bug out bag or get home bag.

These are just a few examples of essential tools for urban survival. It’s important to consider your specific needs and circumstances and tailor your tool kit accordingly. Remember to prioritize versatility, durability, and portability when selecting tools for your urban survival gear.

Personal Safety and Protection in Urban Survival

When it comes to urban survival, personal safety and protection are of utmost importance. In order to navigate through the unpredictable and potentially dangerous environments that can arise during a crisis, it’s crucial to have the right gear to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Prioritizing self-defense and personal protection can provide peace of mind and increase your chances of survival.

To ensure your safety in urban survival scenarios, consider equipping yourself with the following items:

  • A stun gun (where legal) or pepper spray for non-lethal self-defense
  • A handgun (where legal and appropriate) for those trained in firearm use
  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris or chemical agents
  • Work gloves to shield your hands during tasks or when handling hazardous materials
  • A gas mask to filter out harmful substances in the air

By having these essential tools at your disposal, you can enhance your personal safety and increase your chances of successfully navigating through urban survival situations. Remember to always prioritize your well-being and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you.


“In a crisis, self-defense and personal protection become paramount. Having the right gear and knowledge can mean the difference between life and death in urban survival scenarios. Always be prepared and prioritize your safety.” – John Doe, Urban Survival Expert

Table: Personal Safety and Protection Gear

Stun GunNon-lethal self-defense
Pepper SprayNon-lethal self-defense
Handgun (where legal and appropriate)Firearm for self-defense
Safety GogglesProtection for eyes
Work GlovesHand protection
Gas MaskFilter harmful substances in the air
Personal alarmAlert others to your location
Sturdy shoesProtect your feet from injury and provide traction
Concealed carrying holster (if carrying a handgun)Safely carry a handgun
Self-defense trainingKnowledge and skills to defend yourself
Situational awarenessBe aware of your surroundings and potential threats

Remember, personal safety and protection are crucial components of urban survival. By being prepared and adequately equipped with the right gear, you can increase your chances of staying safe and secure in the face of adversity.

Communication and Navigation Tools for Urban Survival

When it comes to urban survival, communication and navigation are crucial. In an emergency situation, having the right tools can mean the difference between getting to safety or getting lost. Here are some essential communication and navigation tools to include in your urban survival gear.

Emergency Radio

An emergency radio is a must-have for urban survival. It allows you to stay informed about important updates, weather conditions, and emergency broadcasts. Look for a portable radio with multiple power sources such as battery, solar, and hand crank, so you can use it even when there is no electricity. Make sure to pack extra batteries as well.

Maps and Compass

Having accurate maps and a reliable compass is essential for navigating urban environments during a crisis. Familiarize yourself with the area and have a backup plan in case your usual routes are blocked. A compass can help you determine the right direction, while maps provide valuable information about nearby resources, evacuation routes, and potential hazards.

Mobile Phone and Power Banks

While cellular networks may be affected during disasters, having a mobile phone can still be useful for communication and accessing emergency services. Make sure to pack a charger and a portable power bank to keep your phone charged when there is limited access to electricity. Save important contact numbers and emergency services in your phone’s contacts.

Signal Devices

In addition to a mobile phone, consider carrying signal devices such as whistles, flares, or signal mirrors. These can help you attract attention and communicate your location to rescue teams or other survivors. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the proper use of these devices and keep them easily accessible.

In summary, urban survival requires effective communication and navigation tools. An emergency radio, maps, compass, mobile phone, and signal devices are crucial for staying informed, finding your way, and getting help in times of crisis. Invest in reliable, portable options and ensure they are readily available in your urban survival gear.

Urban Survival Communication

Sanitation and Hygiene in Urban Survival

In any urban survival situation, maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene practices is crucial for ensuring personal health and preventing the spread of disease. With limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities during a crisis, it’s essential to be prepared with the necessary supplies.

Stock up on hygiene essentials such as baby wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. These items will help you maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene, even when traditional facilities are unavailable. Additionally, consider having an emergency toilet setup, including plastic bags and disposal options, to ensure proper waste management.

It is important to note that in a crisis, proper disposal of waste is crucial to prevent the spread of illness and contamination. Follow guidelines and regulations for waste management, and if possible, create designated areas for waste disposal to minimize environmental impact.

Remember, practicing good hygiene not only protects your health but also contributes to the overall well-being of your community. By taking proactive measures to maintain sanitation and hygiene, you can mitigate the risk of illness and promote a healthier environment during urban survival situations.

Additional Considerations for Urban Survival

When preparing for urban survival, it’s important to consider a few additional factors to further enhance your readiness. These considerations can make a significant difference in your ability to navigate through a crisis and ensure your overall well-being.

One crucial aspect is to have backup glasses or contact lenses readily available. In a high-stress situation, losing or damaging your primary pair of eyewear can be detrimental. By having a spare set, you can maintain clear vision and avoid unnecessary difficulties.

In addition, keeping copies of important identification documents is essential. Make digital or physical copies of your driver’s license, passport, and other relevant IDs. These copies can be invaluable in proving your identity and accessing essential services during an emergency.

Lastly, don’t forget to include a lightweight jacket, hand warmers, and extra socks and underwear in your preparedness kit. These items may seem minor, but they play a significant role in providing comfort and warmth, especially during colder months or harsh weather conditions.


What is everyday carry gear?

Everyday carry gear refers to a collection of essential items that you carry with you at all times. These items help you navigate through challenges and emergencies in urban survival situations.

What should I include in my everyday carry kit?

Key items to include in your everyday carry kit are a foldable knife, mobile phone, fire starter, stun gun (where legal), multi-tool, flashlight, paracord, and a first aid kit.

What is a get home bag?

A get home bag is a bag you keep with you, typically at work or in your vehicle, to help you make your way home in the event of an emergency or crisis.

What should I include in my get home bag?

In your get home bag, include items such as a personal water filter, emergency blanket, safety goggles, work gloves, rain poncho, maps, respiratory mask, and an emergency radio.

What is a bug out bag?

A bug out bag is a backpack designed to help you evacuate quickly in the event of a disaster or emergency.

What should I include in my bug out bag?

Your bug out bag should be packed with essential supplies for urban survival, including a foldable knife, multi-tool, flashlight, paracord, first aid kit, emergency whistle, cash, water bottle, food, pepper spray (where legal), axe, and a spare set of clothes.

What tools and equipment are essential for urban survival?

Items such as a crowbar, wrenches, bolt cutters, duct tape, and a small pry bar can be invaluable in a crisis situation, helping you gain access to locked spaces and secure your shelter.

How can I ensure personal safety in urban survival situations?

Personal safety and protection are paramount. Having the right gear, such as a stun gun (where legal), pepper spray, or a handgun (where legal and appropriate), as well as safety goggles, work gloves, and a gas mask, can provide you with the necessary protection in emergency situations.

What communication and navigation tools are important for urban survival?

Having an emergency radio, spare batteries, maps, and a compass can help you stay informed and find your way in an urban setting during a crisis.

How can I maintain proper sanitation and hygiene in urban survival situations?

It’s important to stock up on essential hygiene supplies such as baby wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. Additionally, having an emergency toilet setup with plastic bags and disposal options is recommended to ensure personal hygiene and prevent the spread of disease.

Are there any additional considerations for urban survival?

Yes, it’s important to have backup glasses or contact lenses, keep copies of important IDs and documents, and have a lightweight jacket, hand warmers, and extra socks and underwear for comfort and warmth.

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