5 unusual places in Normandy to see absolutely

“A stay in Normandy? Seriously ??? This is probably what you say to yourself when someone tries to sell you this destination synonymous, in your head, with apple trees, dairy products and slightly outdated seaside resorts.

OK, that’s not all wrong… although apple trees, dairy products and seaside resorts have their charms too! Today, however, we are going to present Normandy to you from a slightly different angle, through places or unusual activities that you might never have thought of. 5 unusual places in Normandy, here we go!

A mysterious disappearance

Direction Trouville sur Mer, in Calvados, to begin with. At the Tourist Office, and for just 16 euros, you will be given a game bag with which you will owe nothing less than go in search… of a short film ! Indeed, Trouville is home to a famous short film festival, Off-Courts : here’s an original idea to take part in it, isn’t it? Of course, clues will be given to you: you probably have to look for artists who have left their mark on the city, but shhwe didn’t tell you anything…

A fantastic tree

Let’s continue our small selection of unusual places in Normandy. Once the mystery of the missing short film has been solved, we invite you to go to Allouville-Bellefosse in Seine-Maritime this time.
In this small village of Caux countryyou may have the feeling of being suddenly teleported intos a fairy tale from your childhood or a film by Tim Burton. Indeed, Allouville-Bellefosse is home to a millennial oak tree, which scholars believe originated under Charlemagne. That’s not all! The tree dug itself… So much so that 2 superimposed chapels “settled” there. A real curiosity, both natural and architectural, that will leave you speechless.

A very special bunker

Normandy is also a region of history, as essential as it is dramatic. On the beaches of the Allied landings of June 1944, one is immersed in a deliberately solemn atmosphere. While walking on these long and beautiful beaches, you also sometimes come across real surprises. HAS Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer for example, still in Seine-Maritime, a bunker fell squarely off the cliff to stand in the sand! A real curiosity there too, which makes Instagrammers and artists happy.

All in combination!

Coasteering, you know? Nope ? So we’re taking bets: once you’ve tasted it, you’ll only want to go back! In 2 words, coasteering is an activity that combines swimming, jumping, climbing and hiking. A complete package just perfect for discovering coastal areas. Of course, it is better to be comfortable in the water and to be supervised by a guide. Without forgetting the essential equipment: a good pair of sports shoes, a helmet and of course a waterproof suit. Come on, it’s up to you!

cliff jumping

Mortain waterfalls

Who said that in Normandy, there was nothing to see / do outside the coast? On your way to Mont-Saint-Michel from Rouen, and before the many tourists you will certainly find there, we recommend a quiet detour to the village of Neufbourg. You will discover a spot as cute as any, that of the Mortain waterfalls: a preserved site of wild nature, very calm and romanticcompletely unexpected in Normandy.

happy gif
You when you discover the Mortain waterfalls

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See you soon for other good plans!

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